Warm and engaging. If you want to know who you are working with this is the office for you!


I remember the first time I needed to retain an attorney. I spent 30 minutes in a waiting room before finally sitting down with a paralegal regarding my case. He took notes and sent me on my way. The attorney didn’t even have the time to meet me in person. With that incident in mind, I approach every new client with the respect and focus they deserve. I want to develop the type of relationship with my clients that makes them comfortable and confident that I am doing what it takes to assist them. My goal is to be the best advocate I possibly can, and in order to do that a mutual respect between client and attorney needs to exist. 

That’s why this practice will remain small and intimate. You will not be passed on to another attorney or a paralegal. The relationship we build isn’t purely a business transaction. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship that you can always count on, Securing your Legacy, isn’t simply a one time transaction, it’s planning, executing and continuing. If you are interested in a real relationship with your attorney, working with someone you can trust, you have found the right place.