2018-04 Billing during the instant gratification generation...

How often do I get on the phone and spend 15-30 minutes explaining to a potential client their legal position, to end the phone call with, "How much does that cost?" Honestly, it happens nearly every phone call. And, I totally understand! 

Today we can immediately go online and price shop for the best deal. When I go out shopping for baby clothes or toys for my son, my partner and I immediately price check products with Amazon. Why should it be any different for an attorney? Attorneys may argue that people should be more concerned about the quality of service they are being provided rather than the cost. That may be true, but its easy to say when you're billing at $300 plus an hour. 

People should be cautious with what they are willing to spend, they should want to know what they are getting into. That being said bargain shopping for an attorney could be dangerous. If an attorney is willing to cut rates simply to beat the next attorneys pricing what else are they willing to cut? Think about any product you purchase... Sure you can get a better deal on a baby car seat if you go with a non-major brand, but is that the best decision? 

As a potential client, people need to be cautious with the decisions they make. They need to understand what they are signing up for and understand that a quality attorney is going to know their worth and won't be interested in "cutting deals." That being said, a quality attorney also understands what a client can afford and offers pricing and options that give that client the opportunity to get what they need. 

How do we do this? How as an attorney can we give clients what they need, while being price shopped and maintain quality of representation? 

There isn't one answer to these questions there are many... But, I have chosen to make my billing as transparent as possible. If a client wants to know how much I charge for specific legal services they can view my fee schedule on my website.  If the specific issue they face isn't listed I will give them a quote.  If they want to "shop" for the best deal, I welcome that. I do not charge the lowest rates for my services, but my prices are competitive, and I know my worth! I want to give the conscientious potential client the opportunity to look into all of their options while being informed on the cost as well as the quality of work product. 

In a time where the veil has been lifted and consumers can search for their best option with a click of a button, I think its time the legal community allow them to do so. 

Family First

To start this blog right... I'm going to post my first newsletter from August of 2017, as a brief introduction to who I am and what matters to me. My goal, is to offer my own personal insight, experiences, ideas, and some legal knowledge so people can get a real persons understanding of law and life.

...As a new father, I find myself waking up every morning with concerns that once felt so distant. 

Before my only concern was whether I could afford to take care of my day to day needs. Never before, did I find concern in the daily needs of others. Understand, that I have always been concerned for the well being of my fellow man, and my family, My Father, Mother, and Siblings all mean the world to me. But, as the youngest child of three I never had to concern myself with the general support of my families day to day needs. Until Now! 

Supporting my family and securing a legacy for my son has become my new focus.  I wake every morning wondering if there is something I can do to bring us closer to that goal of feeling secure and knowing that my family will be taken care of. My plan when attending law school was to use my knowledge to help others, whether that be structuring a business, mediating a dispute or creating an Estate Plan. 

Now, although my focus still remains on helping others, I find my approach and vision for how to make that happen has become clearer. More than before, I now view myself as a guide. My focus is to assist people on their path to securing their legacy.  By doing so I have been given the opportunity to do the same for my own family. 

If you are looking for legal support that understands the importance of family and preparing for the future than contact this office.