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Jorden J. Piraino

Founding Attorney

Jorden focuses on estate planning, trust administration, probate, corporate formation and maintenance; affording him the opportunity to secure your legacy.

Jorden has always recognized that creating a legacy requires hard work, discipline and loyalty and has exemplified that perspective throughout his own life. Working full-time to support himself through law school, Jorden still found time to donate over 100 pro bono hours to the San Diego Family Law Facilitators Office helping families through complex divorce, child custody battles and domestic violence issues. He also donated time as a Mediator for the National Conflict Resolution Center, and as a Law Clerk for a small personal injury firm. 

Steadfast in his belief in the necessity of giving back, Jorden continues to be involved with his local community. Currently he is the Chair of the Oregon State Bar Solo Small Firm Committee; a member of Oregon Advocates participating in programs created by Legal Aid Services of Oregon donating time to people in need in our community; as well as, multiple fundraising endeavors including Portland's Aids Walk, Red Cross Blood Drives, and numerous fun runs raising money for charities. It is this interest in the need to  help others that drove Jorden to create this practice. 

Most of us have needed assistance at some point in our lives in order to succeed. Even the toughest most self sufficient of us needed guidance, financial assistance or support. Jorden will do his utmost to protect the hard work and effort you have put forth to create a future for yourself and your family. He is dedicated to giving you the tools to Secure your Legacy for yourself and future generations. 

Jorden is licensed by the Oregon State Bar to practice law in the State of Oregon and currently focuses on Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Probate, Corporate Formation and Maintenance.